15 free services for the digital marketer

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15 free services for the digital marketer
Let’s just get down to business.

1. “Yandex.Metric”.

More than 45% of Russian Internet users every day choose Yandex as a search engine. But it allows you to not only find your website but also to understand how users behave on it. “Yandex.Metric” will give you a huge amount of useful information on your site, starting with counting the traffic that you generate, the behavior of users on a particular page. In order to move on and promote your online business will need to analyze all the information you need.

Pros: in addition to standard reports, such additional instruments as webvizor (records the activities of visitors and shows them in video format) and map clicks.

Cons: if you put the meter “Yandex.Metrics” on the new site until the low attendance, links and content, figures can be calculated with great accuracy.

2. Google Trends.

Next comes another free tool provided by other search giants, Google Trends. In this service it is possible to stay too long: consider the trend of the popularity of the favorite brand and closely monitor competitors. And, of course, with its help you can see what he’s talking about the blogosphere and write on the Internet.

Pros: Google Trends – very easy to use tool. In addition to the trends and the most popular topics for different periods in different countries and even smaller geographical units (cities, districts), Google Trends shows the relative data you Can easily compare that popular, pizza or burgers, for example.

Cons: does not provide actual data on the number of search queries for a particular key word and is only useful for comparative analysis.

3. Onpage Optimization Tool.

Onpage Optimization Tool – simple and easy to use tool for optimizing content on the pages of your website. He will analyze your website for almost all settings – from keyword density to backlinks.

Pros: completely analyzes the published content via links, keywords, stop words and Protocol security, all in one click.

Cons: does not allow to perform an as yet unpublished text on the subject of optimization. And the interface of the tool looks outdated, distracting information on the page.

4. Marketing Grader.

Marketing Grader allows you to evaluate the main indicators of your website and to conduct its comparative analysis with competitors. This free tool developed by HubSpot. The responsive feature for mobile search, SEO, security and efficiency of your marketing activities – the main parameters on which the tool will analyze your website.

Pros: very easy to use and ideal for initial analysis of sites, especially if you are very thoroughly versed in SEO. Marketing Grader provides an overall picture of the site and also indicates the weaknesses that can and should be corrected.

Cons: the tool is not suitable for the SEOs higher level or for those who intend seriously to do the optimization because it does not give the opportunity to delve into the details.

5. SEO Writing Assistant for WordPress*.

Plugin for the most popular CMS saves time on SEO optimizing your pages for specific keywords. Rather than analyze the top 10 results of Google, to count the length of text to highlight key queries and to analyze the readability, you can start SEO Writing Assistant – he will gather this information and will automatically give results in the form of simple recommendations.

Pros: easy helps SEO to optimize the text on any subject directly in the admin panel – suggests keywords that you want to insert in the content of its optimal length, readability, and puts him common soon.

Cons: the plugin cannot be download in the official WordPress shop, readability (readability) is calculated correctly only in English.

6. SEMpie*.

A convenient tool for quick data visualization. In just a few clicks SEMpie transform your data into a custom infographic, which you can easily change everything – from the General background to the title. Ideal for creating an infographic in PNG, PDF for mediapicker, social networks, business presentations, blog posts.

15 free services for the digital marketer

Pros: allows you to quickly visualize your data in colorful graphics with easy templates. It is possible to change the colors, themes and headers.

Cons: interface is entirely in English, there is no possibility to load your own picture.

7. MasterCalendar*.

Situational marketing is the bread for marketers. It is therefore important to be aware of the news and major events. In MasterCalendar collected all the important international events: conferences, film premieres, sports events, holidays, festivals, and much more. No more need to switch between calendars and look for lists on the Internet, now all of the most important events in one place.

15 free services for the digital marketer

Pros: there’s a handy filter by types of events. Most of the events added to the calendar automatically. You can import events in other calendars.

Cons: upcoming events not always relevant for a specific region. To receive events using a third-party service, for the subscription which you have to pay.

8. BuzzSumo.

The service, which will be useful for SMM and content specialists. BuzzSumo shows content that gathers the most likes, reposts and reading audience. It works very simply – enter a search term you are interested in a keyword and immediately receive a list of the most popular content on this topic.

Pros: allows you to find the most popular content on the topic of interest, to see who it already shines, to find influencers and set alerts as soon as something on the subject appears in the Internet space.

Cons: BuzzSumo is not always timely finds the content so maybe you are interested in an article that appeared on someone’s blog, seems a couple of months later. And, of course, the tool does not always generate relevant content, so we’ll have to double-check the search results.

9. Trends*.

Generator of ideas for posts in social networks based on Twitter data. Shows the most popular topics are in the correct location. Explore what it is about them writing on Twitter, “catch the wave” and generate relevant content. Tool Trends gets fresh data several times a day to find the most hot topics and get relevant ideas for content creation.

Pros: easy to obtain information about the trending topics first hand. Convenient visual sorting for quick selection of the most popular topics. The tweets of these users and related topics in the kit.

Cons: data is not in all regions.

10. PPC Spend Analyzer*.

PPC Spend Analyzer analyzes the cost of advertising in AdWords in different countries and regions. All data can be viewed using interactive maps. This tool will tell you which region it is cheaper to advertise on your topic, shows the top 3 most expensive request and will help to identify the most popular queries in the industry.

Pros: there are data on 15 subjects, from pharmacology to the jewelry industry. Our database of 7 countries, including Russia.

Cons: the information only on the bases of Google and Bing. The interface is in English. Prices in all regions so far only in dollars, local currency is not available yet.

11. Fanpage Karma.

Fanpage Karma can be used for comparison with competitors and assess that you are interested in brands in social networks. The tool is particularly valuable because it provides insights into paid advertising on Facebook, as well as coverage the advance of the competitors.

Pros: most importantly his dignity (which distinguishes him from the numerous amounts of other SMM tools) – able to measure the KPI activities within social networks. And this can be done directly in the dashboard tool, which automatically calculates the productivity of a post, activity or campaign.  .

Cons: the design of the tool looks a little outdated and plays compared to more “fashionable” services that impact on UX.

12. Google Analytics.

Ask any analyst (the marketer, the website owner) to make a list of what he loves most in the world. Google Analytics has all chances to head the list. As an analogue of the Russian “Yandex.Metric” (although, rather, the opposite), this service provided by Google is a priceless coin in your piggy Bank tools. The service provides a lot of information from analysts on site visits to report on implementation of the goals that you yourself set yourself. Of course, Google Analytics is not as simple in circulation, but Google offers to pass the course (free!) and learn all the necessary skills.

Pros: if you use other tools in the Arsenal of Google – Google Analytics seamlessly integrates into each of them, allowing you to see the bigger picture on the website. The tool is constantly updated, and it appears more and more functionality. And yet, everything you need to know to use the tool, Google will teach you absolutely free.

Cons: the tool is not so easy to use. At one time, and even for one course completion, the whole is not to learn. Moreover, in the free version, functionality is, of course, is limited – for example, you can’t set a custom goal, and upgrade to the premium version of Analytics will cost a significant amount.

13. Cohort Analysis*.

Cohort Analysis allows you to build a marketing cohort (user retention and LTV) on the basis of data which the user downloads. You can analyze the seasonality of inflow users to study long term value, to understand when a user may cease to use the product, and more.

Pros: allows you to quickly visualize the cohort just 2 clicks and save the results on your computer. Now it is possible to build 2 types of cohorts (retention, revenue).

Cons: for the analysis of the data must be retrieved in a specific format. May not correctly handle errors.

14. Signa*.

Signa generator email signatures. Easy way to make your writing really memorable fill in the form and copy the new e-card in Gmail – and the world will not leave you without attention.

Pros: there are two templates to choose from, you can use the tool without signing up. Integration with Slack allows you to pull out the main information.

Cons: no integration with other services, in addition to Slack. The photo of the user when manually adding a link to it may not display correctly.

Trello – an intuitive system for managing own and team work. This is the digital equivalent of the Japanese system of Kanban. Visually, Trello looks like a set of columns with cards that show what state your project is currently in the process or need to add something in the task. Moreover, the platform allows you to identify each task necessary for the execution of any project and responsible individuals. It is a particularly useful tool for those working with diverse and numerous projects, which is not so easy to follow.

Pros: to start using the tool, do not need any initial training – everything is very intuitive and fast. It can be used on any device, including mobile phone. Moreover, Trello also offers to download their free app to your smartphone. And for fans of the check-lists it’s just Paradise!.

Cons: alas, Trello has no built-in calendar and customization of categories and different tags.

Of course, this is incomplete and inconclusive list of all free tools that should be in every marketer. But it is a collection of must-have platforms that you can and should use to increase their efficiency, save time and not to drown in routine tasks. Of course, we will gladly accept any of your notes and additions in the comments to this article – share with the world your favorite free tools, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time, and you can use someone else’s experience.

* All instruments marked with * were created during the Hackathon SEMrush.

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