As Russian companies to attract foreign customers? Here are some tips

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As Russian companies to attract foreign customers? Here are some tips

The launch of any new business on international market – like flying in space: curious and scary just scary. There is always the fear that you’re not going to be needed, but in fact the universe is often more friendly.

Many foreign companies need new traffic and loyal Russian buyer, but due to hundreds of reasons, foreign providers are not able to bring him in.

Then at an opportune be the Russian marketing platform which know the specifics of working with this audience, and understand the levers you can use to get it going. For example, our customers such as Microsoft, eBay and YOOX, working with the global traffic that is interested in buying it at the desired geolocation.

Successfully started cooperation with experts of the Russian performance-marketing provides the company with a steady stream of new sales and all investments pay for themselves quite quickly.

The main question for any platform – how to attract a foreign company but quality traffic and all the rules and prohibitions RK? There are a few tips.

Matter how materialistic it may sound, but in business everyone is first and foremost interested in money and global publishers top the list of those who want them rather to.

The advantage of Russian marketing platforms is that they can quickly pay, ready to contact in real time and do not skimp on bonuses and promotions. In international grids such no: they respond slowly, the payments stretched out over months.

Webmasters need to appreciate and try to build with them not only professional, but also friendly relations. If a webmaster sees that his questions are ready to respond 24/7, and not only by mail but in any messenger, it is very captivating. Willingness to help is part of our mentality in the West, this is almost there, and it adds Russian services glasses.

Yes, Russian is still associated with bears and balalaikas, but these stereotypes gradually fade away, giving place to more modern observations. In Europe and Asia, many already know about the power of Russian IT and even a little afraid of them, but the desire to obtain new amounts of traffic overcomes all fears.

In my practice yet was not such that we refused to cooperate on some nationalist beliefs. We live in a civilized world, and the only criterion for decisions about cooperation – competence, benefits and reputation, all the rest are remnants.

Foreign advertisers are eager to be in contact with the Russian platforms, especially if there is a budget and in urgent need of traffic. As a rule, all the big advertisers have their affiliate program, integration with them takes only a couple of days, more questions usually occurs on the legal part. You just need to convince them that you will be able to handle this, and assume that the contract has been signed.

Do it before you think about cooperation with foreign companies. It makes sense to develop a standard presentation, commercial offers, letters with offers of partnership, regulations, special offers and any other materials that will be helpful to you.

Better to let clients wait in the wings than you will frantically cook them “on the knee”, allowing for all possible errors.

If the company has offices not just in neighboring towns, and the neighboring continents, it is necessary to consider a clear system of training and exchange of experience. It can be a variety of workshops, virtual workshops, and trips. Worldwide company are leaders appreciate the transparent and effective schemes of work, play by their rules if you want to be noticed.

In the literal and figurative sense. To find clients, and scale the success of the Russian marketing platform to other countries is possible, only previously gathered information about the situation on the local relevant market and potential competitors.

There is a relatively developed market, which, anyway, there are a large network, however, in the same Poland we easily entered the financial performance-market, because at that time this direction there is almost no one did.

We managed to gather a unique pool of advertisers for them to become the largest suppliers of traffic to specific conditions.

Everything turned out well, but if we are only going to move in this market, it would act differently. It would be easier to start working with this geo out of Moscow to open an office there soon after connecting two or three dozen advertisers. In this market you need to do as much as possible leads – 100-200 contacts per week, otherwise nothing will.

Including the UK, it’s different, it’s more challenging and highly competitive market, but there are advertisers willing to try new things, really very carefully.

Perhaps the most contrasting market in Asia, excluding China. Some countries are developed enough and able to work on a CPA model (cost per action), advertisers other very little understanding of what you need to work in this direction.

For example, in Malaysia there is still a huge part of the budgets of advertisers goes on CPC (pay per click), the market itself is growing rapidly, and few people think about serious optimizing budgets.

Many Asian colleagues really do not understand why we do not fit their landing pages and what you need to do to the webmaster began to earn on their offer. The paradox, however, it is quite simple to connect the major stores.

In this market there are no prejudices about Russian companies, all easily agree on the test, but are dizzying results. And it is also in principle opposed to cooperation with the Europeans: they know that an affiliate program could gain momentum 3-6 months, and are willing to wait.

Subjective assessment, Russia in the ranking of development of the perception of the advertisers working with the CPA, and performance is somewhere at the level of Western Europe. It is a good indicator, but the growth point is still clearly there, as there are great prospects for cooperation with foreign advertisers and publishers.

The main rule is to clearly outline the business processes and to be active, and then your platform will not remain without attention.

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