Favorite books creative Director AGIMA

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Favorite books creative Director AGIMA

Favorite books creative Director AGIMA

“Very interesting book about the development of different cultures and civilizations. It is very often quoted [Yulia] Latynina (journalist, political and economic analyst — Prim. ed.), and then admired her brother — it was impossible not to read. [The book tells] about the resettlement of people on a planet, germs, plague and technology. Sometimes it is described in excessive detail, but the book must have”.

Favorite books creative Director AGIMA

“In 2003 I spent on this book two weeks’ salary, and it was worth it. Then I about the author knew nothing, and now John Maeda is a well — known figure in the design. Japanese American, a person of two cultures, a pioneer of digital art and digital design.

This book is a brick. It contains more than 1000 illustrations — his compositions and digital experiments on paper and actual for 2000-the year thoughts Maeda in the period when digital was young. In 2017, it is difficult to imagine such a phenomenon as a book, it would have been through the network.

Now John says more about leadership than about art and design, but very interesting work. In the mid-2000s, it appeared “the Laws of simplicity”. This book is also highly recommend. Oh, and his TED talk”.

Favorite books creative Director AGIMA

“The most interesting art this year. Good science fiction with no visits in magic and is written in China. The cultural revolution and the search for life in space. Strange ideas about global communism and the introduction of the Terrans with a foreign culture through games and virtual reality. Rather stiffly written, but that doesn’t make the book worse.”.

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