Former CEO of Badoo created a social network for mothers

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Former CEO of Badoo created a social network for mothers

Michelle Kennedy are diligently preparing for motherhood, but the birth of a child still became her culture shock. “For women who build a career, live your day with the speed of 1000km/h, the first mother’s day very intimidating,” she says. Therefore, the veteran sites for Dating, which was the CEO of Badoo and member of the Board of Directors of the Bumble decided to develop a social network for mothers Peanut, where they could ask each other questions, share tips, and find friends in the real world.

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This is exactly what she wanted, when she became a mother. “Women today say that they can achieve anything they want – they just need harder for this to work. However, with this comes a huge fear of failure, and you don’t want anyone to know that you have a problem [raising a child]”. Here is how she created a platform for an audience that is often ignored.

Kennedy already knew how to create a social network, and suddenly she realized how much mom needed her. “I came up with the idea, but I did same as do others – went to work and was saving it for later. But soon I started to hear what others say about motherhood, the difficulties faced. That’s when I decided to take this step,” she says. She knew she needed her mother, but wanted to hear what others will say. She talked to friends and asked them to introduce her to my friends. She talked to the administrators group for moms on Facebook to better understand the growing community. “It took a lot of time, patience and coffee.”.

In 2016, after leaving Badoo Kennedy worked as a member of the Board of Directors Bumble, Peanut was her side project. “I ran a big company and was witness to the launch Bubmle, so knew how to build something from scratch. If nothing happened, I would strongly not upset. It is better to try and fail than to be a man who for months talking about the same idea and does nothing”. She was ready morally and financially. “I had some savings, and I knew that my life will change. I understand that I am looking forward to hard work and lack of rest,” she said.

Were things that Kennedy had no doubt from the very beginning – for example, in the name of the app. “Peanut (eng. – peanut) was always on my mind, because that’s what I called her baby during pregnancy,” she shared. And will look like the app? It was not clear. She contacted a former colleague and they started working on the layout of the website, weeks tested functions and forms. Soon her idea was approved. “I was in new York at the event organized by Bumble and told [the founder of Bumble] Whitney [Wulf heard] about their plans. She really liked my idea. It was great because she was the first person I shared it, except family and friends”. This gave Kennedy more confidence.

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Kennedy was also asked his friends from the corporate world to meet investors and venture companies. “I have appealed to all, even if we’ve only met once. That’s what I said, “you can introduce me to this person?” “do you know anyone who does that?”Read on: How to ask an influential person to introduce you to your contact.

I really believe that if you can openly talk about what you need, people will want to help you”. Not hurt also that Kennedy was already well-known industry leader. “I knew that I needed to show what I’m capable of. I don’t think I asked about something, what should not ask. If people turn me down, well, no problem!”.

Under the terms of the contract with the previous work of Kennedy, she could not entice their former colleagues, so she had to assemble a brand new team. She has already worked with the designer, whom he trusted, it remains only to find the techie. Her friend introduced her to his friends, at the meeting, they discussed ideas and decided to collaborate. “We were a very small company – still so and wanted to quickly release the product. We started in September 2016, and by February everything was ready.”.

The team has launched a beta version of Peanut, however, the media wrote about them earlier than expected and Kennedy. As a result, the app began to download women, when it has not worked 100%. “It was a blessing and a curse. Of course, we wanted the application to use, but when we saw a huge flow of new customers, we panicked. We wanted to say, “wait, come back in a week, we are still not fully prepared!”” However, they could not do anything about it, and decided to use it as an opportunity to fix the product. “We very quickly changed the app. It was nice that so many people have downloaded the beta version, on the other hand, we wanted to cry, because I was not ready for this. However, you must take it for what it is.”.

Primas. ed: Kennedy has received support from several investment funds, including Ventures Sound of Ashton Kutcher. At the moment the app is in the USA, Canada and UK.


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