Named the most innovative regions of Russia under the version of the AIRR

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Named the most innovative regions of Russia under the version of the AIRR

The region with the greatest innovative activity in 2017 St. Petersburg, who beat the leader of last year — Moscow and Tatarstan, consistently holding third place.

Members of the ASSOCIATION noted in Tyumen and Ulyanovsk areas, which showed the best growth performance. Was first able to climb to 12 lines, up to 14 seats, and the second showed an increase of eight places in the top 10 ranking.

Places in the rating are distributed on several indicators: research and development, innovation and activity, as well as socio-economic conditions for the introduction of new technologies.

According to the methodology, regions are allocated into five groups according to the level of innovative development. To advanced regions (group of strong and medium strong innovators) assigned 26 subjects, average innovators — 29 regions, the remaining 30 belong to the Laggards (groups srednebelaya and weak).

In the group of medium strong related Tyumen oblast, Bashkortostan, Mordovia, Krasnoyarsk Krai. Average innovators — Irkutsk oblast and Altai Krai. The weakest in terms of innovation, related seven regions: the Jewish Autonomous oblast, Dagestan, Tuva, the Nenets Autonomous district, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Chukotka.

“4 regions showed positive growth, 4 retained their positions, 6 areas have lowered their positions. But this is not due to the deterioration of the indicators in absolute value. Methodology rankings are based on a comparative approach, and the relative position of some regions, may have deteriorated due to the fact that other regions have shown bigger growth,” said Semenov.

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