Vedomosti learned about the preparation of new incentives for investors

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Vedomosti learned about the preparation of new incentives for investors

After the meeting of the ministries with first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on June 14 there were two versions of new incentives for investors, however, consolidated decision, the government has not yet developed.

Currently the Ministry agreed that the government should give subsidies up to 50% of the capital costs of investors in the special investment contracts. It is also noted that investors will receive preferential treatment only if they do not produce unique products or if their products will be exported and bring at least 15% of revenue.

In the Ministry of Finance want to resolve to conclude the list without competition if the initiative had come from the investor and the Ministry require to make the competition a mandatory condition. There are also differences in the application of the standard of high-tech and exports.

As explained by the two officials, subsidies for Spica can come from the development Fund, the appearance of which the Minister of Finance announced in late may. The maximum size of the Fund will be equal to 3.5 trillion rubles, which should allow to launch key infrastructure projects and support exports without threatening the sustainability of public finances.

The bill requires the conclusion of Speke in construction, mining (except crude oil and natural gas), manufacturing industries (except for tobacco and alcoholic beverages, liquid fuels), agriculture, etc.

The act in 2015: under these treaties, investors in exchange for upgrades will receive the benefits of taxes to property and profit. However, only currently signed less than 30 such agreements. As told by Federal official edition, Ministry of economic development and is now seeking to ensure that these contracts remained a “stick tool”.


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