Video: bill gates and Warren Buffett remember my first business and choose sweets

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Video: bill gates and Warren Buffett remember my first business and choose sweets

Gates and Buffett have been friends for over 27 years. According to gates, when he meets with a friend, he rejoices, “like a child trapped in a candy store”. Looking in a real shop with sweets, entrepreneurs shared their favourite sweets and stories about his first business that they were engaged in before the creation of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway.

“In 1946, I bought the arcade machine for $25 and turned it into a small business Empire, said Warren Buffett. — It was the best business of all in which I participated. Very early on, I reached the heights of career, since then everything went downhill”.

Bill gates found issue on technologies Popular Electronics 1974. It was an article about the emergence of the personal computer industry, which inspired gates to create Microsoft.

“We saw her in December 1974, Paul Allen and said I need to quit school and open Microsoft, otherwise we’re all going to miss, told gates. — By the way, the company mentioned in the article, became our first client.”.

Warren Buffett found the book of Ben Graham’s “Intelligent investor” which, in his words, changed his life. “If every time the market collapses, you want to sell something, just take this book and read it,” said the investor.

Old friends became acquainted with the collection of vintage records. Album Willie Nelson called gates memories of his wedding — and his wife, Melinda gates, made him a small gift: to ask the singer to speak on the eve of their wedding. As Warren Buffett said that as a child listening to the charts and songs on the first line was usually song Glenn Miller. “I can probably sing any song from his album,” he admitted.

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